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New Electric Waterpiece

Introducing our remarkable electric water gun, a cutting-edge device engineered for both adults and children. This fully automatic water gun boasts a user-friendly one-button design, specifically crafted to provide children with a convenient and immersive experience. Simply activate the trigger, and watch as a continuous stream of high-speed bursts propels water forward with incredible force.

Eco-Friendly Material

Crafted from premium-grade ABS plastic, our water gun exemplifies superior quality and durability. The chosen material ensures safety and non-toxicity, while its sturdy construction guarantees long-lasting performance. With each side expertly polished to eliminate any sharp edges, this water gun prioritizes safety above all, allowing for secure and worry-free usage. Moreover, the anti-leakage design implemented at the water filling area ensures that the water container remains intact, preventing any unwanted leakage while maintaining optimal functionality of the automatic water gun.

High capacity

Included within the package are two water filling containers, ensuring an ample water supply for your aquatic adventures. The water gun itself boasts a versatile capacity of 60ml and 500ml, making it effortlessly manageable even for children. The water pistols, adorned with captivating designs, offer your kids a thrilling and visually appealing tool for engaging in exciting water battles, granting them a multitude of advantages during this scorching summer season.

Drenching Delight

Immerse yourself in endless joyous water battles with our versatile electric water gun, ideal for quality time spent with family and friends. Whether you're by the pool, in the garden, or at the beach, this remarkable device ensures unforgettable fun-filled moments. It's perfect for pool parties, fostering parent-child interaction, engaging in kindergarten games, and so much more. Let the excitement flow as you create cherished memories with loved ones. And when it comes to special occasions like Children's Day, Christmas, birthdays, and New Year's, these water pistols make for the ultimate gifts, bringing boundless delight to the hearts of children.